Robin Calahan Design


Pendant featuring 13.13ct carved Oregon Sunstone from PANA mine

This was a cool project. Started last August when I got to spend the day with PANA Mine owner Ales Krivanek.

I saw this beautiful piece of rough sparkle when revealed by moving my huge mound of rough and I was as excited as a kid getting their first bike!

I sent the 62.6 ct piece of rough to one of my favorite Lapidary Artists and he recommended I send it to Aaron Sangenitto for carving.We spoke I sent him my pendant design and we plotted it shape and design. I loved his suggested carving concept and I asked if he could facet it as well. The outcome exceeded my expectations.

The pendant is 14k Yellow Gold, that incredible 13.13 ct  27.56 x 10.40 mm Orange Schiller Oregon Sunstone, 39 White and 3 Orange Sapphires.