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Doug Mulling (USA)




The lapidary bug hit Doug many years ago, his Initial interest started after he saw an opal that his mother had cabbed at a lapidary club when he was just 7yrs old. Moving forward many years, he finally decided that admiring was just not enough and purchased his first cabbing machine.  Since then, he has literally cut and sold thousands of opals from around the world. Doug recently took it one step further and now has a newfound love of precision faceting.  As with opals, he takes great pleasure in exposing the heavenly hidden beauty within each piece of rough that he cuts. To allow them to come to fruition as objects of beauty to pleasure and inspire others like him.  His late wife (In the profile picture) was, and still is his inspiration. She traveled by his side and enjoyed these passions along with him.  Even though they are currently apart, Doug says that it’s like the words in a song …“Her love is like the wind...I can’t see it, but I can feel it”.  Doug has recently placed in his second award-winning competition… but he says that the night is still young.


“Light reflects off of Jewels, but, “It” comes from above.”




Oregon Sunstone has replaced my first love in gemstones, the opal. Opal is a wonderous and beautiful gem, but for me, it doesn’t compare to the beauty of a colorfully faceted or carved Sunstone.  Maybe I’ve been tainted having worked with opals for so many years, whatever the reason; the beauty of the sunstone is to me like a breath of fresh air. Colored gemstones are awe-inspiring windows into the beauty of tomorrow and the Oregon Sunstone rough is beauty begging to be released. It amazes me that so much is going on in the Oregon sunstone, so many combinations for so many outcomes. Different colors, pleochroism, and aventurescence or shiller make for the perfect American Gemstone!



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