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My passion for Minerals started at the age of 19 when I became a waterfall hunter. The places I went to, too find these waterfalls also had beautiful rock formations, cliffs full of color and mineral deposits. Amazing places like the ancient forest of Zoar Valley in Gowanda N.Y. and Valentine Flatts in Tidiute P.A. I have been hooked ever since. I give a lot of my success and thanks to Bill Compliment my mentor and friend who has has been cutting and giving instruction for over 50 years. I fell in love with meet point faceting and always strive for precision and perfection with only a few classes under my belt. The beginning of 2017 Oregon Sunstone has become my most favorite gemstone to cut and I have been cutting this fascinating material and other minerals since 2016. I cut full time for a living, its all I do.



I was given the privilege to cut Oregon Sunstones by being hired by some of the owners of the mines, claims and local residents of this amazing geological wonder. Right away since I had access to premium material I knew how special, unique and diversified this beautiful material was. Sunstone offers amazing colors like white, champagne, to vibrant reds,orange, pinks to greens and even purples and blues. I find Oregon Sunstone to be a pleasure to cut. Tthe most rewarding part is to see the the smiles and ooos and awwsss of my clients when they receive these gifts from nature. Words like crazy beautiful and drool drool from my clients inspire and fuel my motivation. At the end of the day, I feel when the customer is more than happy, mission accomplished.



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