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Karla is originally from Fallbrook in North San Diego County California... a small town known for its avocados and proximity to some amazing gem mining areas.   Karla was inspired by her Grandfather to get out into the country and collect interesting rocks, crystals and minerals. 

That early passion became a business in the early 1970's when she re-opened old gem tourmaline locations in the Pala Mining District along with her partner.  The success of the early mining ventures opened the door to world travel and exploration of other mining areas in Africa.

In the 1980's Karla moved to Honolulu, Hawaii and opened "The Rainbow Collection" retail fine jewelry stores and operated there for 25 years. In 2003 she purchased a gorgeous group of natural Plush Oregon Sunstones for her custom designs.  A jewelry collection was designed and promoted in Hawai’i and Karla was hooked! 

The beautiful Oregon Sunstone prompted a move to Bend, Oregon in the high desert about 3 hours drive from the mining area.  Today, Karla is deep into her newest endeavor, romancing the Oregon Sunstone…..designing beautiful jewelry to display this rare and natural American gemstone.

Finished Oregon Sunstone jewels are available at The Artists’ Gallery Sunriver, Oregon. The Jewel in Sisters, Oregon and Holly McHone Jewelry, Astoria, Oregon.



As a jewelry designer, I find this gem exciting to work with. In terms of color, beauty and wear-ability, Oregon Sunstone stands out in the gemstone world. Due to the copper inclusions, the Oregon Sunstone ranges in color from champagne to schiller peach to bi-colors with green to brilliant red. I originally worked closely with the Dust Devil Mine and graded rough material to determine its future. Will the rough be a carving, a finely faceted bead, a concave faceted gem or combined with other color coordinated gem materials in a unique piece of jewelry?

All of my life, I’ve followed my passion for gemstones and minerals. My background in all aspects of the Gem and Jewelry industry has prepared me for my new quest. Since 2004, I’ve built my entire business around this one important gemstone. What better endeavor than to share my passion for PLUSH OREGON SUNSTONE!



Website: oregon-sunstone.com  
Tel: 1-(541) 633 6301
: karla@oregon-sunstone.com