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Mining Oregon Sunstone is a fun, extremely demanding, and an addictive business. Some Sunstone mining claims are small operation, while others are much larger. We want to help every miner maximize their exposure in the industry for free. If you want to include information about your mine, fee digging options, etc... please send your information as you would like it presented to info@ORsunstone.com. We will do our best to help your business grow.


Natural Oregon Sunstone is untreated, very rare, diverse and extremely beautiful. Mexican, African and other treated feldspars are occasional sold as Oregon Sunstone. The Oregon Miners Association (OSMA) is primarily dedicated to protecting the marketplace against unscrupulous dealers who sell cheap treated oligoclase/feldspar as authentic copper bearing Oregon Sunstone. Visit the OSMA site to learn more about their membership, meetings, and other resources they provide. The OSMA logo, displayed here, assures you are buying authentic Oregon Sunstone.

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pana mine

mine owner: Sun Summit Sunstones LLC



PANA Mines was discovered in 2011 in a very remote location called Little Eagle Butte. It consists of 4 full size 20.6ac claims located on top of an ancient volcano. PANA Mine produces some of the most valued colors in unmatched size, clarity and a full spectrum of colors including yellow, orange, red, blue-teal, green and multicolor. Many of our gems show a strong dichroic shift with some being bi-color as well resulting in finished cut gems exhibiting two or more distinctively different colors. Type and intensity of each color is gradually changing based on angle of view.

Top gems from PANA Mine are fast getting international recognition with dealers, jewelry makers and investors.




Website: pana-mine.com

email: sunsummitsunstones@gmail.com


mine ownerS: John & Debbie Aldrich



Meet The Owners of Double Eagle Mining Company, owner operators Debbie and John Aldrich. Both have strong interest in rare gemstones and being able to mine this rare Oregon Copper Bearing Sunstone and to make it available to the world is a privilege to both. John, being of Native American heritage believes strongly in being a good steward of the earth and to make sure it is preserved for future generations.We look forward to helping you with your purchase of Oregon Sunstone. We sell direct to the industry and the public alike.

Double Eagle Mining Company is a privately owned environmentally conscious mining operation founded in 2004. We strive to meet or exceed all local, state and federal requirements and regulations.We operate under a State and Federal approved plan of operation. Under this plan we have in place a secured deposit of guaranty bond’ to insure that all necessary reclamation will be completed and/or the cost of reclamation covered. We are registered with, licensed, and/or hold all necessary permits required by Lake County, Harney County, State of Oregon, The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), The Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), United States Department of Labor, and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

We are a mine direct supplier of Plush Oregon Sunstone. Double Eagle Mining operates over 200 acres of Oregon Sunstone producing Feldspar Basalt flows in the Plush Oregon area. We are located in the high desert of south central Oregon, north west from the town of Plush Oregon.

Double Eagle Mining is a mining company of the worlds rarest known gemstone, Oregon Copper Bearing Sunstone.

We are one of a very small group of full time mining companies of Plush Oregon Copper Bearing Sunstone, which is the rarest top gem quality Copper Bearing Gemstone. We offer to the world a great opportunity to buy direct from the miners one of the earths rarest known gemstone.




Website: doubleeaglemine.com
Tel: (541) 417 - 0158

email: info@doubleeaglemine.com

Website: pana-mine.com