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Ryan has always had a passion for rocks and minerals. Crystal mining and prospecting have been a major part of his life for the past 12 years, and this addiction has led him into a life of passion for gemstones. Today, Ryan is 33 years old, and while he is still moving forward with a hand in some major American mining operations, he has shifted his focus in life from being a touring musician to carving unique and original art into gemstones. Ryan began his journey in the lapidary arts in 2015. Originality, passion, and a desire to create new and innovative art in the lapidary field is his main goal, and he has been making quite an impact in the world of non-traditional gemstone designs. It wasn't long until he found that he was able to translate his love for geometry and symmetry into his gemstone carvings. In his first year of cutting, Ryan received an AGTA Spectrum award for his design titled "Efflorescence", cut in an 89 carat piece of Rwandan Amethyst. Since then, he has been innovating newer and more intricate designs, and is quickly making a name for himself in the high end jewelry world.




I like working with Oregon Sunstone because of the intense variety of color options. While greens and teals are my absolute favorite, even a piece with heavy schiller can lead to incredible results. There aren't many stones where you can get three different colors all rolled into one. Sunstones are definitely some of my favorites!



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